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Write Less Code

The best thing you can do as a software developer is not writing code, but removing it. Here's why.

The Productivity Project - by Chris Bailey

My notes and quotes from The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

How to become drastically faster at using the terminal

Using the terminal might seem slow and cumbersome because every command needs to be typed. Learn how to drastically reduce the amount of typing you have to do by configuring aliases for your most used commands, making them only a few keystrokes long.

Stephen King's Advice To Software Developers

In "On Writing" Stephen King shares invaluable lessons for aspiring novelists which can be applied to software development too.

Where to start to become more productive

What does it take to be productive? What does it event mean? Here's a introduction to the pillars of productivity, with many resources to start from.

How to write code faster using snippets

Leveraging "snippets" is a way to get faster at writing code and free mental resources for problem solving. Most IDEs and text editor offer this feature, where you can write code scaffolding with a keyboard shortcut.

Invest in your terminal to become a better developer

One of the best things you could do to improve as a software developer is constantly investing in your terminal setup and skills.

How to choose what to refactor

A way to identify the areas of code to refactor with the highest return of investment using the "focusing question" technique.

Maintaining Sanity with Multiple Versions of Xcode

Working with Xcode and Xcode-beta on the same machine can sometimes be confusing, this post shares some tools to help make it less so.

Language Agnostic Automation Setup

Every project can benefit from having a set of scripts to automate tasks such as running tests or distributing to testers. When setting up automation for your projects you can use a language agnostic setup. This will make it easier for new team members to get started, and allow you to change the setup without having to change the way the scripts are invoked.

Automated Xcode version and build numbering via Git

How to configure Xcode to automatically set the version and build number of your projects using Git.

Keep Your Bench Clean

Like good chefs keep their benches clean to make delicious dishes all day long in the restaurants' kitchens, so good developer keep their codebase clean. It all comes down to little habits, the result of which when summed up together is a tidy, clean and easy to maintain software.

XVim, harnessing the king of text editor's power in Xcode

An introduction to the XVim plugin, that adds most Vim keybindings and features to the Xcode IDE, and how this can make you more productive as a developer.

MailChimp automated workflow for mokacoding weekly

At mokacoding we're big on automation, and we eat our own dog's food! The workflow to write and send new issues of our newsletter, mokacoding weekly, is (partially) automated thanks to some simple Ruby scripting and Mac command line utilities.

xUnique: a tool to avoid Xcode project merge conflicts

How many times when working on a Mac OSX or iOS app with a team have you had a merge conflict on the project.pbxproj file? I guess more than a few, a lot more than a few. Lucky for you there is an handy tool called xUnique that will make the chances of this happening way smaller.

Xcode keyboard shortcuts for testing

Keyboard shortcuts are easies way to start increasing your productivity. Let's look at how to run tests in Xcode without ever touching the mouse.

How to simplify Calabash acceptance testing with Rake

Rake, the Ruby build utility, can lift off all the typing involved in running the Cucumber/Calabash acceptance tests, saving us a lot of typing time.

5 habits that will make you a better software developer

By implementing these 5 small habits you'll kickstart your 2015 and become a better software developer.

Why I don't work on Fridays

Some time ago I learned the hard way that I shouldn't work on Fridays. I've been applying an alternative schedule to my week, and it's working out pretty well.